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Debbie Shannon takes the physio profession to a whole new level. Her whole-body approach is amazing. She can tell which part of the body is causing problems before you even say a word. Debbie has got me back on my feet both physically and mentally so many times I do not know what I would do without her. She is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met. I would recommend Debbie without hesitation and I can safely say phoning her over six years ago was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Lindsay, Troon

Debbie has successfully treated me for two separate issues over the last three years. It was another physiotherapist that I initially went to for help that recommended Debbie to me (she is clearly well respected in her field by her peers).

Debbie is a highly skilled, caring professional who has an obvious passion for her work. I can't praise her enough.

- Sandra, Falkirk

I have never had physio like it! One treatment, not many exercises and big results.

My partner Jill and I were talking last night about our treatments having been to see Debbie for quite separate problems. This is what we thought after our first session.

I can now do everything with my neck that had been problematic for the last few months.

Best money I've spent on my body for a while. At least since that bottle of Brora from 1981.

- Jill & Bruce, Largs

I am a 49 year old mother of 3 children and throughout most of my life I have been plagued with various urogynaecological problems. I have been seen by various specialists over the years, and had various procedures without much success. This has had a huge impact on my life and my relationship with my husband.

Approximately 2 years ago I was referred to another gynaecologist who promised to do everything she could to help me and she kept that promise. She referred me to Debbie Shannon from Connections Physiotherapy who has been a life saviour to me (and my husband). Since meeting Debbie I am able to have a painfree relationship with my husband and my urogynaecological problems are much more under control. I no longer feel depressed. My well-being has changed dramatically. Debbie's holistic therapy has improved my life. I cannot thank her enough.

- Evelyne, Hamilton

I cannot speak highly enough of the help I have received from Debbie over the last 5 years. Every 6 to 8 weeks I make the round trip of 94 miles fom Linlithgow and the journey is well worth it. With her expertise she keeps me pain free, which as everyone knows if you have suffered from chronic pain is wonderful. Debbie has great interpersonal skills and I now look on her as a friend as well as my physio.

Anne, Linlithgow

Debbie, the healing hands lady!

I visited Debbie about 2 years ago for a consultation and have never looked back.

I was suffering from pelvic pain, lower back pain, sluggish bowels and stress. After years of suffering and visits to NHS and private physios, with no benefit, I found a huge improvement in my health after the first session. I felt like a new man. I am so glad I found Debbie - she has improved my quality of life so much.

Russell, Fife

Debbie has been my physiotherapist for several years, treating a range of mainly shoulder, lower back and pelvic injuries.

Highly skilled and easy to work with, Debbie has a very professional level of care. Her technical knowledge is vast and she continually develops and expands her expertise to ensure she provides personalised and effective treatment methods.

Most importantly, Debbie gets results!

I have nothing but praise for Debbie and would recommend her highly to anyone seeking effective physiotherapy treatment.

Julia, East Kilbride

I started going to Debbie for treatment for severe pelvic pain after she was recommended to me by a doctor at Hairmyres Hospital who was unable to offer me any corrective treatment.

After my first visit to Debbie, my pain was reduced significantly. After only my second visit, I was functioning pain free for the first time in two years.

I am a very keen competitive long-distance runner and since having treatment I have seen my performance improve markedly. I have set faster times than even before. Following another visit to Debbie, who was able to put me right after a bad fall, I went on to compete in the Lancaster marathon and won the race.

I would recommend Debbie to anyone. Not only does her treatment work, but she is the most cheerful, happy person who makes me feel very at ease during her treatment sessions.

Claire, Hamilton


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